All Kale the Chief!!

Okay…who the heck took all the Kale ? I tried to find some bedding plants this week to plant in our garden but none of the garden shop type places had any left! I know it’s the trendy food and a Super Food etc etc but sheesh! Now I am reduced to growing it from seed (daunting) or buying it fresh each time I want it from the vegetable vendors (expensive!) or go without my new super vegetable friend.image

Pity the lowly Chard. Now here’s a leafy green who has fallen from favour and possibly flavour,  now pale by comparison to the Star Studded Sex Appeal of Kale. Chard was limply waiting on the garden shop shelves, begging to be taken home. But, in my case, I needed not the valiant Chard. Between the volunteers that popped up from last years Chard and the seeds I threw in early this year, I have more Chard than I will know how to use.  Yet no Kale.


Oh well….I suppose seeds will grow but not quite fast enough for our SuperFood Kale needs. I had better get on it straight away and in the mean time start modifying recipes to use up the Chard….Chard Chips…..Chard Smoothies…..Chard Stew with Acai/chia/green tea ….can’t someone decide Chard is a Super Food now and make it popular? Well…probably next year!

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