Lunch at Mimi’s

I had lunch in Kelowna yesterday with an old friend.  The lake end of Bernard is still annoyingly blocked to traffic but we wandered around the mostly empty street and choose a relatively new place, Mimi’s Italian Grill 


The blackboard sign out front said ” Wine Wednesday $7″ which sounded interesting and in we went to be greeted by a friendly young man that seemed to be waiter and bartender. The place was pretty empty, one other table of some family grouping…and the two of us. The beverage booklet said Red Roof Cider on tap for $5 a pint! Perfect! I forgot about wine Wednesday as I was parched. But when our young man came to take our order he informed me that they “got rid” of Red Roof but ” Still have Okanagan Ciders in bottles which are better anyway”!  Um……they aren’t really but what would I know? Sheesh! Anyway, I had a cider and the Spinach Salad, a heaping plate of leaves with asparagus, artichoke hearts, pine nuts and goat cheese with a lovely Dijon dressing. My friend ordered the ” Mimi’s Salad” and we split a generous appetizer of Mussels. We both agreed our salads were lovely but we could have used a bit more bread to mop up the tasty juices. But , considering we had split one order, one piece of bread seemed appropriate.

At less than $30 each before tip it was a tasty lunch and hopefully they will either rethink their cider choices or at least bring us a wine list next time so we can peruse the virtues of $7 choices on a wet Wednesday!


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