Wine Bloggers Conference Here I Come!

I am sure everyone is thinking (all 2 of my readers so far) “Bazjello! What the hell? What are you thinking? Why are you going to the Wine Bloggers Conference ?


Well see here’s the thing…I want to be a Wine and Food Blogger! I am sure all the people attending this conference are already brilliant wine bloggers who have many, many posts behind them and have traveled to many of these events yet I am just a Newbie with the shine still on me and my blog page still has a New Car Smell. But , everyone started somewhere right? And here’s me…starting!


I used to be a regular blogger back in the old MySpace days before they made so many changes most of us got fed up and moved on to other things and I had always wanted to stick my toes back in the pond. So this is it! Sorry about the toe!

Also, this Conference is RIGHT HERE in my neighborhood! I could nearly stagger home from it each night!


I was born in Kelowna and have lived most of my life in the Okanagan Valley . I feel a huge sense of pride in the way the wine industry has taken off here and have always wanted a way to get involved in the promotion of my beautiful valley and feel that perhaps by blogging about our bounties of wine, produce and fabulous places to tour and holiday I can  fulfill this tiny dream.



And most of all I really like to meet new people, experience and learn new things…oh…and drink wine! So why not take in this cool event that it right on my doorstep and will likely never come this close to home again!

So if you see me there, please don’t shun me as a Newbie and if there are any other newbs reading this…lets clique together and make fun of the cool kids! 😉


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