My Premium Olive Oil Experience!

I am so thrilled that Penticton is now home to the latest Oliv Tasting Room.


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I had noticed an ad somewhere for the opening or “Coming Soon” type event but didn’t realize where the shop would be until I stopped for my Friday shops of fresh veg, meat and bread on Riverside Drive and Violá! There was the new Oliv shop so I ventured in and was immediately greeted by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff member who asked if I’d ever had an Olive Oil Tasting before.

No! Never! Bring it on!

olivPhoto courtesy of oliv

To start me off my server poured a tiny amount of  varietal oil into a little cup and had me warm it in my hand while she explained the origins of the oil and a bit about the company. All the Olives are grown in South Africa by owners Awie and Isabeau du Toit who established the first Oliv shop in the unlikely location of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan !

Once the oil was at the right tasting temperature, I sipped the golden liquid and coated the inside of my mouth as I would with wine for a delightful result! Of course I use Olive Oils on a daily basis but I suppose I never just taste the oil on it’s own. This first oil, Mission, was delicious, light yet  deep and complex with  a hint of apple and a buttery finish. Next I tasted the Leccino which proved to be my favourite and my first purchase. It was sweet and possibly oaky with hints of fruit.


My Purchase!

To be honest, after the first couple of tastings , I had a hard time keeping track of what I had tried, liked, and the different nuances of each but it was so fun I just kept up with everything my lovely hostess poured! We moved on the the Balsamics and then the combinations of Vinegars with the vast selection of flavoured oils on bits of bread from Cobs.  It was  a taste extravaganza and my taste buds became as excited as I was to be living this whole new experience.  I can’t wait to return to Oliv and stock up on some of their vast array of  balsamics and have plans for a delicious bread dip using Oliv’s Roasted Garlic Olive Oil and their Chili Balsamic. Yum! That was by far my preference of the combos but I also loved the sweet Balsamics on fruit.


I highly recommend this experience to all of you and if you are lucky enough to live near one of the Oliv Tasting Room locations , do go in and Taste!

There are 5 locations in Canada including  here in the Okanagan Valley in Penticton.  As we seem to be smack dab in the centre of the growing B.C wine industry and an ever increasing selection of great restaurants and Foodie enthusiasts such as myself, I think our area is a brilliant choice for this new shop and I wish them much success! I will be back soon!

598980_438340212908409_756722759_nCourtesy of Oliv

4 thoughts on “My Premium Olive Oil Experience!

  1. I did not know about this! I will have to try it next time I’m in Penticton.
    I was able to experience an olive oil tasting at Eataly in New York which was free and really amazing. All of these olive oils were of course from Italy though.


  2. We did a couple if olive oil tastings in Napa Valley a couple of years ago, the best one at Round Pond near St. Helena. They make great olive oil, and it’s reasonably priced when one considers the prices of many high-end oils. It was very interesting to try oil from Spanish and Italian olives side by side… I like the grass and pepper Italian olive oils, but when these notes might take over a dish, milder Spanish olive oils might work better. And as far as balsamic vinegars go, I’ve learned the principal ingredient should be grape “must”, NOT grape vinegar! I now check the ingredients to make sure the “must” is the first one.

  3. Thank you Hazel for this blog on Oliv. We thoroughly enjoyed our tasting and Happy to see it in Penticton. This must be a new trend because a new tasting store just opened in Coquitlam called Tasters Oil and Vinegars. Check it out – http://www.tri-cities

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